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Momingmy-momingmy, amyanoming, e-elbah, kuala-kuala!

05 september, 2021:
2 hours of new music was added.

06 april, 2020:
Added links to 2 open-source projects to development page.

01 april, 2020:
Finally! 10+ hours of new music added. No joke despite april fool day!

07 march, 2018:
Another music update. 3 hours of new music.

23 november, 2017:
Music update, finally. 2 hours of new music.

31 july, 2017:
"Support on Patreon" button added to all pages.

31 july, 2016:
Music update. 4+ hours of new music was added.

25 june, 2016:
Massive design update was done today (margins added to the pages).

30 may, 2016:
Today's update contains almost 7 hours of music. Wow!

29 february, 2016:
3+ hours of music added.

29 january, 2016:
Near 3 hours of new music added.

27 december, 2015:
Surprisingly added about 2 hours of music.

23 december, 2015:
Added 1+ hour of music.

1 december, 2015:
Band Harotnica as performer of the month. Very cool people.

26 october, 2015:
Added ~3 hours of new music.

3 september, 2015:
Performer of the month - Charles Earland. Listen his music, it's worthwhile.

1 july, 2015:
One hour of music added.
Have set geographical position of radio on FourSquare.
Done with new feature "Preformer of the month" on main page. Meet The Bajikans!
And congratulations goes to canadians for rising to the listeners activity top last month and Canada Day as well!

17 may, 2015:
Another 2+ hours of music added.

25 april, 2015:
2+ hours of new music added.

12 march, 2015:
Music update. 1+ hour added.

9 february, 2015:
Music update. Added another 2 hours of music.

14 january, 2015:
Music update. Added ~2 hours of music.

1 january, 2015:
Music update. Near 3 hours of music was added today. Happy New Year to everyone!

3 december, 2014:
Music update. 4.5 hours of new great music is ready for your listening.

20 november, 2014:
Got very first donation for radio. Danke, Berthold!

18 november, 2014:
Music update. 1.5 hours of new music added.

17 november, 2014:
Added web-player to main page.

5 november, 2014:
Added near 4 hours of music.

1 november, 2014:
Finally "Development / donations" section is created. You can get familiar with our development planning and to support us there.

24 october, 2014:
Music update. Near 2 hours of tracker/chiptune/electronic music was added.

5 october, 2014:
Music update. Another 2 hours of music was added.

18 september, 2014:
Major music update! 3+ hours of music was added today.

15 september, 2014:
We're still alive! And finally got our first feedback e-mail. Thanks, Steven, you're cool!

22 december, 2013:
Our public page on Vkontakte: http://vk.com/momingmy. An hour or more of music added to the broadcasting. And we're having a birthday today! Radio is one year old.

5 october, 2013:
We've got a public page on Facebook: http://facebook.com/momingmy. (Elipodes still on vacation)

2 october, 2013:
About three hours of music was added today. (Elipodes on vacation, sorry)

25 may, 2013:
On air radio of great elipodes again!

22 march, 2013:
Selective music of two-and-half-o-hour was added yesterday to air.

6 march, 2013:
Two bibs unwise had crawled into generator and advancer, but there is no such bib, which hides from mighty Elipode lens.

5 march, 2013:
Fostral technology now owns, "gee-Quarry" by gone Softies, for Radio (and Elipodes) glory. For those, who unable JabbaSqueaking, was left fall-back by our mercy.

24 february, 2013:
Regarding future and now was section created by mighty elipodes! And half of hour with three surplus of air music, auricle's joy, was added into stream withal.

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