Welcome to the momingmy radio!

Momingmy-momingmy, amyanoming, e-elbah, kuala-kuala!

Internet Radio, founded in December 2012. We're playing all sorts of good music. The rest is in F.A.Q.


  • What is this, and why?
    It is an internet-radio. For listening music and other things.
  • What is "momingmy"? It is chinese?
    It is elipodian. What is it - we're not sure in fact. You can ask them by yourself.
  • What's up with design?
    Design is out there, but will be here someday surely.
    Minimalism is trending now.
  • Are likes/dislikes affecting something?
    Yes. They're changing "karma" of each track. Tracks with higher "karma" will appear on air more frequently.
  • Radio is playing music only, or something else happens here too?
    Only music for now. We're going to make podcasts (available for downloading, of course) in future and even commit live airs.
    We already have live airs and podcasts.
  • Which time zone is used on the radio?
  • Plans for future?
    Evolve, of course. You can take a look on "Development / donations" for getting (and supporting) our plans regarding further development.
    Radio is developed on a voluntary basis and it is not so easy to find time for this. We use fashionable nowadays tactic of crowd funding to be able for living while developing. In such manner, supporting us financially, you're buying our time, aimed at the development of radio.
  • How to contact you?
    There is our e-mail on each page footer, feel free to write, we're reading each message.
  • How to listen radio?

    UPD: Your browser most likely supports playing just on main page, give it a try!
    At first you need player which can play OGG-streams.
    For Windows it is WinAmp or AIMP, what you like most.
    For Android it is XiiaLive.
    For iOS or macOS - we don't know, cause we're having not such devices.
    For Linux and other Unix-like - you're surely know by yourself.

    After you've downloaded and installed player, click "M3U-playlist" link on main page, and open downloaded file in player. You don't need to save a file, you can "open" or "run" it directly from browser. If you've done all right, you should hear the music.
    In case of your player isn't supporting M3U-playlists, but you're sure it is able to play OGG-streams, use direct link to stream.
  • Why stream is stopping after each track?
    Because you're using player which incorrectly treats headers populated in stream in beginning of each track. Use one of suggested players, they all checked to work with our radio.
  • Why you're not streaming MP3?
    Because our broadcasting software (icecast2) isn't supporting MP3. And we don't want to use any other: OGG - is awesome format too.
  • What is "under the hood" in software meanings?
    Icecast2 + Ices2 + home made script wrapping and web-face. OS - Linux. Instead of "data base engine" just filesystem is used. Lean and mean.
  • What is "under the hood" in hardware meanings?
    D-Link DIR-620 router with USB flash stick as a storage. And it is our pride, yes. Here it is:
  • Wow! Are you not afraid it will go down under load?
    We are. Just hadn't tested it under load yet.
    Works great. Don't hesitate to listen us harder!
  • I want to make such thing too, can i have a copy of your server-side?
    Maybe. But we can't tell at the moment.
  • Which language is used for scripting?
    All, including web interface, is written on shell-script (with sed and awk usage). And not on bash, but on ash. Yes, we're the maniacs.
  • Weren't you thinking to go open-source?
    We were. But sources need to be ready for that. And it will take some time. And time is money.
    UPD: Geolocation shell-script which is used on radio is here: ip2loc-lean on Github
  • I'm a l33t true-hacker, i will huck you!
    Do it.
  • I've found a bug / security breach, are you interested?
    Surely. Tell us about that, we will appreciate.
  • I've found a bug / security breach, but I won't give it to you!
    Leave it for yourself, we have plenty of them remaining.

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